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Blessings & Greetings! Thank you for visiting my website. I wish you many Blessings on all levels, including Health, Happiness & Prosperity! We all need to reach out & support one another now more than ever before, and I know WITH you that no matter what the news has to tell us, we CAN make it a Wonderful Life - year-round!


Let's join together in prayer and intention that our Earth Mother & all her inhabitants - human, animal and plant life - can all live in greater harmony than ever before. God bless you & yours. Namasté




Cheryl resides in sunny Palm Springs, California. In person appointments can be made there, as well as telephone and Skype session. Of course, those done by phone & Skype apply to clients worldwide. For residents of Palm Springs, Cheryl offers "house calls" if that is preferred, or clients may meet at her home.


Booking for readings is done on a "first come, first serve" basis; therefore please check with Cheryl as much in advance as possible for scheduling. Her first preference is phone and Skype readings, which are absolutely every bit as effective as in-person ones - if they were not, Cheryl wouldn't have clients all over the U.S. and in 10 other countries! She records all readings for you and provides an mp3.




Cheryl has worked as a psychic medium for over 25 years. Her readings are unique, yet somewhat similar to those done by Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium), Lisa Williams, John Edward and others.

Cheryl is honored to have helped thousands of people over the years find comfort, peace and validation of life after death. She continues to do readings, hypnotherapy, motivational speaking, and teaching, as well as writing, performances of her one-woman show, gallery/group readings and MENTORING others who wish to enhance their own intuitive abilities. (please read the following section on Mentoring and visit the Mentoring Page of this website for more details, if you or someone you know would like to learn to trust and develop your own psychic side).


Visit the Psychic Readings section of this website for more information.



Cheryl has been a teacher of one subject or another since she was a teenager, teaching younger kids piano, guitar and voice lessons. Nowadays, one of her favorite subjects is Mentoring Psychic Abilities. She works with people of all ages (children need to be at least 4 years old and have a parent present with them for private mentoring, though she does often offer an Intuitive Workshop for Kids, and Adults as well - ask for details on how to schedule one of these at your home or after-hours office location)


As we surge forward into the new powerfully transformative energy of the Aquarian Age, more and more people are interested in "becoming their own guru" which makes Cheryl incredibly happy. She believes no one should ever allow themselves to become dependent upon others for guidance, and to go within as often as possible. Granted, there are times when an objective third party "check-in" is helpful in order to stay emotionally detached from the outcome of messages, Cheryl has always encouraged her clients to trust their own intuition, heartfelt feelings and connection with their Higher Power above all else.


Whether someone wishes to become a professional psychic or medium, or to enhance their everyday intuition in ways that will significantly improve their own "inner GPS spiritual connection," doing a course of Mentoring with Cheryl will benefit those goals.


She works to help you improve clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentient abilities, animal communication, helping to find missing people/pets/objects, and more. Above all, she can assist you with learning to completely TRUST your intuition and keep your lovely left brain out of the equation when you’re working with your psychic side. For a complete list of what you'll learn through one of the three Mentoring Packages Cheryl offers as well as pricing structure, please visit her Mentoring Page and email LifeofSpirit@gmail.com with any questions you may have.


Cheryl's Grief Counseling

A Path to Move Past Grief into Celebrating Life!


For those having an exceptionally hard time letting go of grief due to the loss of a loved one or pet, Cheryl has a counseling style and program designed to help shift the focus to positive memories, healing and moving forward in ways that honor the life of your beloved. Living your own life as fully, healthily and productively is what those in spirit want for us while we’re here on earth, and learning to do so by moving through and releasing grief sometimes requires additional support. That’s why Cheryl created this program.  For details, please visit her Grief Therapy page.


Medium, Rare - Cheryl's One-Woman Show


Cheryl is inviting the PERFECT P.R. person to manifest in her life to assist with booking performances of "Medium Rare" followed by Gallery Readings on cruise ships, theatres, casino amphitheatre venues and more! A DVD Demo is available to parties seriously interested in discussing booking this unique, humorous & inspiring one-woman show. See video below for an overview of her demo, as well as "In My Dreams", a song video clip from Medium Rare.  Click here to view Cheryl's YouTube video library.


So if you are affiliated with a P.R. firm or are a go-getter independent with the types of contacts listed above, please get in touch with Cheryl right away at 877-271-8218.





Cheryl has been a Clinical & Certified Hypnotherapist since 1996. The majority of her clients work with her over the phone (you just need either a speaker phone or a headset/ear buds to work this way, so that you can relax and listen while reclining). Past Life Regression is one of her specialties, and that particular modality must be done in person, but all others - smoking cessation, weight & exercise modification, improving self-esteem and much more - can all be done via telephone.


Cheryl works with adults and children on virtually any issue in life that her clients would like to improve - better academic and sports performance, learning to prioritize, release phobias & addictions, overcoming procrastination and much more. [NOTE: Children under the age of 18 must have an adult present in the room with them during their sessions, even if these are done over the phone.]


When you purchase a package of 3 hour long sessions, you also receive a PERSONALIZED mp3 or CD that will continue to reinforce your desired shifts until your subconscious has effectively reprogrammed itself positively to do what YOU wish it to. It’s basically the hard drive of your brain, and is only as effective as the programming or "downloads" you give it, just like your computer. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade? Cheryl will gladly provide you with a document about the benefits of Hypnotherapy & answer any questions you may have about it if you will kindly email Lifeofspirit@gmail.com or call 877-271-8218, or visit her Hypnotherapy page for further information.


Cheryl's CDs & MP3 Downloads - Click Here to Order


Cheryl is now offering THREE Audio Recordings to help support you in various ways. The first is called "Be Your Own Medium" which will help you learn to "direct connect" with loved ones on the other side; the second is titled"Ancient Chakra Toning Secrets" to help balance and clear your chakras; and the third is "Livin' La Vida Stressless" which has great tips on ways to release stress before it grabs hold of you, as well as a deeper version that will help you release stress that you may have been carrying for a LONG time. These are available NOW and make a great gift for that spiritual seeker (maybe you?) in your life. For more details and how to order, Click Here




Cheryl Booth is one of the rare, gifted individuals who can connect you to loved ones on to the "other side" in the same way as best-selling authors/psychic mediums John Edward (One Last Time, Crossing Over), Lisa Williams (Life Among The Dead and many other Hay House books & events),  John Holland, Rosemary Altea (The Eagle and the Rose, Proud Spirit), John Oliver and George Anderson (We Don't Die and MANY other books).


Cheryl was mentored by British medium Brian Hurst, whom Hard Copy dubbed "The Miracle Medium." Brian also mentored and launched the career of medium James Van Praagh. Cheryl's been doing readings since 1985, but has had her intuitive gifts since she was only 2 years old (beginning with accurate precognitive dreams at that young age).  To read more about Cheryl, visit her About Cheryl page.


Edgar Cayce



Cheryl's parents and her younger brother Johnny (all in Spirit for many years) assist her in her healing, compassionate work, including private group or individual readings where she not only connects with your loved ones, but Angels and Guides as well. Her readings are designed to offer clarity and insight regarding your life questions. The majority of her work is done via telephone, and she records the sessions and sends you an mp3, or can send a CD for an additional charge. Cheryl aligns with Archangel Raphael who lovingly assists her with healing and relationship issues. She works with the beautiful enlightened energies of Edgar Cayce, Dr. James Martin Peebles and others for advice on issues regarding health and well-being.


Dr. James Martin Peebles


REMEMBER: Phone readings and hypnotherapy by phone are equally as effective as in-person sessions. If not, Cheryl would not have clients in over 10 countries!  Contact her tollfree @ 877-271-8218, or by the email links on this site.


The process of "plugging into Spirit" is the same for Cheryl whether you're sitting across from her face to face, or across several states, or even continents, via telephone.  For details about all of Cheryl's services, see the main menu at the top of this page.




Reiki, chakra/aura balancing and energy adjustments are $80 per hour. Healing can also be done remotely (long distance). You simply have to coordinate when you'll be able to lie down and receive the energy Cheryl will transmit to you. People heal themselves, with God's power and a lot of angelic assistance. Cheryl is merely a conduit of that energy, and considers herself blessed to do this work.  For more information about Cheryl's healing work, please visit her Healing services page.


Cheryl works with adults and children, with all modalities. Children are extremely receptive to hypnosis and healing. As a former school teacher, Cheryl has a great love for these young Light Beings. For children 18 and under, parents are required to be present for their sessions.




Cheryl is a Certified Hypnotherapist, specializing in past life regression. She offers smoking cessation, weight and exercise hypnotherapy, stress reduction, self-esteem building, academic, sales and sports performance improvement and MUCH MORE. Hypnotherapy sessions can all be done via telephone (client must have a speaker phone or a headset). Regressions MUST be done in person. All hypnosis sessions are recorded for you. Cheryl also makes customized personal subliminal and affirmation recordings - Email her for details on pricing, content, etc.


She does Life Coaching and Consulting by phone, hands-on healing (including Reiki and crystal clearing and balancing of the chakras/auras). She offers lectures on many metaphysical subjects, including Mysticism and Intuition in the Corporate Arena. She offers seminars and classes in Psychic Development for ALL ages; Past Life Regression, Meeting Your Angels and Guides, Prosperity and Manifestation and a wide variety of other topics! Class description available upon request. Seminars/workshops can be offered in an after-hours office setting, bookstores, a private home, a hotel conference room or an auditorium - she's worked in all these venues! Ask about travel requirements (minimum attendance, pricing, etc.) if you'd like Cheryl to come to YOU!




Cheryl bridges the world of spirit with our everyday world. She helps you discover the great love and healing available to all. She'll connect you with your own inner wisdom, help you discover the Divine plan for your soul, and assist you in communicating with your loved ones no longer in the physical plane as well as Angels and Guides.




Cheryl offers a Mentoring Program for those seriously interested in developing and expanding your own intuitive and healing abilities. This can be done via telephone and email sessions, so no matter where you are, she can work with you in this way! Visit her MENTORING PAGE on this website for more details on the different Study Packages and pricing available.




A veteran of many radio (including internet radio) and TV talk shows, Cheryl is now actively seeking opportunities to be a guest on any such venues with metaphysical or paranormal themes. From her days in L.A., Cheryl has an extensive broadcasting and acting background and is very open to hosting such a program. Contact her to arrange an interview or discuss the possibilities! Tollfree 877-271-8218 or email cheryl@cherylbooth.com.


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